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Ok so totally unexpected but all of the UK has been put into lockdown. This wasnt something we expected as we were in tier 1 and in a 3 tier system and the whole country has been put into a tier 4. There’s not much we can do at this moment in time. Of course we can hope that the government see sense, that they realise that exercise is a fundamental part of both our mental and physical health, both intrinsically linked. In the meantime our training will continue online!

So, for us at the club…30 days of fighter conditioning it is then!

Don’t forget the lockdowns only for a few weeks this time. It will pass quick! So don’t slow down, don’t lose the momentum and the good habits you have built up over the last 4 months

Use this period to take part in our group fitness training. Get involved in the comments, in the videos. Post in the group. Use this period to catapult you into December!

I’m going to push hard for the next few weeks so that I come back in better shape than ever before, battle ready!

Create Opportunities! 

This isn’t a lockdown this is a chance to focus on sharpening the axe, building a biger engine – better cardio, better strength and endurance. Fighter conditioning. Solo drills.

Hope you are all up for joining me on this journey.

Lockdown – Bristol Titans Style: 

  • Daily workouts and videos
  • Kettlebell workouts
  • Bodyweight workouts
  • Sandbag, med balls, TRX, Clubbells
  • Nutrition plans
  • Group support 

One of our greatest strengths at the club, has been its members. The strong community that we have both online and offline.

Surviving the lockdown is possible. Staying strong and mentally focused is easier when there are other people who share the same goal as you.

Keep a Stiff Upper Lip!

Don’t be disheartened, we will use this as a period to improve ourselves mentally and physically treating this as a fight camp. We have 4 weeks to prepare for our next Krav Maga MMA Combat training session so lets (as Bruce Lee said) use our laser like focus and turn this circumstance into an opportunity!!

We have two training sessions left this week on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday our online training will begin!

And don’t forget guys I am always here for a chat, for support, for advice on anything training related.

Take care, rest well and tomorrow lets start kicking ass 😀


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