News Update 29th October 2020

▪️Tshirts. Are ready, I will be bringing them to class with me each night for the next week.
▪️Slippery floor. Floor at the gym is a bit slippery lately, please be careful and reduce intensity if necessary. I have spoken to the gym owner about this. Of course with the current financial strains everything is awkward at the moment. Hoping to get some mats soon which we can use but it’s a big layout which is why it’s taking time. Apologies for this.
▪️Masks. You only need to wear a mask from reception to the Studio. Not to the toilets or anything if you don’t want to. Please use hand sanitizer on entry and wherever you feel is appropriate.
▪️No more blue towel. To reduce carbon footprint the gym is now using flannels instead of blue towel. On your way in please grab a flannel from reception and you can use it to wipe down any equipment.
▪️Demonstrations. During class demonstrations please stand closer. Trying to shout over the music, background noise and loud enough to cover both ends of the room is a struggle vocally. During each demonstration please stand close enough that you can both hear and see adequately.
Thanks everyone for being so epic and training so hard and making the club what it is. I hope you are all enjoying the training and look forward to each session as much as I do. See you all later 👊 👊 👊

Covid News:

The current government guidelines state that all gyms and leisure centres are exempt from the level 3 lockdowns. As our gym is fully covid secure and adhering to all government regulations this means that we won’t be shut down even if we go into a level 3 lockdown.

Of course if the government make a tier 4 level lockdown then this may change or if local authorities decide to go against government guidelines then this may change, but we don’t have any indicator of this happening and so to do so would be purely speculatitive and I dont believe is helpful.

The UK government has stated that gyms and leisure centres are excluded from tier 3 lockdowns

Leisure centres and gyms are currently not required to close in tier 3 conditions. This move comes after several gyms were closed in Liverpool during their tier 3 lockdown. This was opposed by the gyms and it was confirmed by the government that this was by accident. The guidelines have since been amended in section 19(4)

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