Krav Maga Knife Defense

Teaching a real world self defence system it is important that we are able to look at what the current trends are in crime in the UK. 

Many martial art systems and combat sports profess to teach self defence, when in fact they have many holes in their game. No ground game? Then its not complete. No stand up? Good luck with that. No weapons? Well, in the UK a huge 25% of all street fights, attacks and assaults involve a weapon! So this is definitely an area that needs to be trained in any complete self defence, street mma or combat system

Knife Crime in the UK

In 2019 there were 43,516 knife crime offences in the UK. Not including Manchester (they had a data recording issue). Of course there would be many more non recorded incidents. These knife offence figures are the ones provided by the Home Office and the ONS. 

The current trend not only shows that injuries are increasing, but that they are becoming more severe, the victims are getting younger and there is a marked increase in the number of young girls involved. 

In these latest figures for the UK about half of the offences were assaults (21,700) and the others were mainly robbery with the weapon used as a threat (20,172) 

25% of attacks in the UK involve the use of a weapon

These are broken down into 4 main groups:

  1. Knives/stabbing implements
  2. Impact weapons 
  3. Glasses/bottles
  4. Other 

The most common types of violence of course tend to be punching, kicking, pushing or slapping someone. From a self defence perspective, we need to attribute a fair amount of time into the hand to hand combat side of things, how to strike, grapple, wrestle and so on. However we need to train for that 25% of weapon based attacks and also to take into account that the damage done by a weapon can also be much more severe than that done by a punch or kick alone. 

In 2019, 22,041 people were cautioned, reprimanded or convicted of carry a knife. Most of these were adults, but one in five were under the age of 18. 

A City Problem

Knife crime is certainly more prevalent in large cities. London has by far the biggest knife crime problem largely attributed to gang violence, budget cuts and disputes amongst drug dealers. 

These matters are to a large degree out of our hands, we can get involved with youth work, we can donate to charities, we can vote and we can prepare ourselves.

Always remember that in any eventuality that you are your own first responder.



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