Krav Maga Bristol Titans

Authentic Israeli mixed martial arts, hand to hand combat and self defence. Krav Maga Bristol Classes.

Bristol Titans is a modern Krav Maga academy. We use a complete system of self defence, utilising our 20+ years background in Krav Maga, MMA and first hand experience in the professional security and bodyguarding industry.  We use techniques from Muay Thai, Boxing, Catch Wrestling and BJJ as well as Krav Maga to become specialists of integrated combat styles. 

Train to be effective wherever the fight takes you…


Our Krav Maga program teaches you effective boxing, Muay Thai and mma stand up fighting – including sparring – from the beginning. We train fighters to be effective in critical self defence situations


Our grappling curriculum trains you to be an efficient fighter from stand up clinch fighting, to takedowns, escapes, sweeps, chokes, breaks and locks on the ground from jiu jitsu and Catch Wrestling. 

Modern Weapons Training: 

In the UK nearly 25% of fights involve the use of a weapon. We teach our members to be effective in these areas, to be able to identify weapon threats and to make educated decisions on how to handle them. How to disarm a weapon and also weapon retention techniques and how to seamlessly integrate this into your standup and ground game. 

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“Having trained and instructed in several martial arts for the last 30 + years, completed courses with some of most respected instructors in the world, engaged in door work, trained and instructed members of both the Police force and the British Army, I’ve yet to find anything that brings as much realism to my attitude to self defence as much as Krav Maga does. This coupled with the fact that Jim Halton is one of the most all rounded instructors I’ve had the pleasure to train under, I feel more than qualified to recommend this school to anyone wishing to better themselves, either physically, mentally or just out of need to feel safe.” – Tony Baxter – Bristol student

“Jim is an amazing teacher. I was a bit worried before I join as I’m a girl and never done anything like Krav Maga before but all the instructors and members have been very helpful to me. Friendly environment. Definitely recommend” – Qiao Tong – Bristol Student

“Having been in the military for 22 years I can absolutely advocate that Jim is a top class instructor. I was welcomed from the start and the knowledge and skill sets of Jim and the seasoned fighters is invaluable. Everyone willing to help the less experienced guys/girls. I am thoroughly enjoying it and can not recommend it enough. ” – Keith Pybus – Bristol Krav Maga Student