Krav Maga Training in Bristol

Licensed Krav Maga Training with the Bristol Titans Krav Maga Academy

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Hand to Hand Combat

Welcome to the Bristol Titans, we are based in Bristol, Kingswood

  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 7.30PM – 9PM 

  • and Fridays 7pm – 830pm 


Stand up fighting, Boxing, Muay Thai, Common Threats and Street Attacks, multiple opponent training

How to avoid and escape from common ground positions, the strongest most common (and most successful) submissions in MMA, how to deal with strikes on the ground, multiple opponent training.


How to defend against a knife, a bat or a firearm. Common UK weapons, threats, attacks and how to respond appropriately

Each class is 90 minutes long, classes are a mixture of both advanced and beginner we found this the best way to accelerate your learning as the senior students are there to help you and will make you feel at home and answer any questions you may have. Every one of us remembers our first day in training and we are there to support you and welcome any new members to the team.

Please arrive ten to fifteen minutes early to your session so that we can run through health and safety, introduce you to our team of Krav Maga instructors and answer any questions you may have!

Booking your first Krav Maga Training session:

Fill out the booking form below, let us know if you have any injuries, if you are currently exercising regularly, if you have any background of the martial arts, combat sports or self defence training. don’t worry if you don’t have any, we have trained thousands of complete beginners in the Bristol area, you will be in good hands! Please feel free to check out some of our reviews to see what has been said about our club. Don’t forget to include your mobile number, and of course, if you would prefer to speak to one of our Krav Maga instructors before your first training session you can call us on 07813347795

What should I bring with me ? :

For your first Krav Maga Training session, we would advise to bring the following:

  • Shorts or jogging bottoms and a tshirt
  • Trainers – we don’t train barefoot
  • Something to drink, although drinks are available to purchase on site
  • If you have any gloves, groin guards or shin guards, please bring them with you. If you don’t, don’t worry we can advise you which is the best type of kit to get once you get started!