Striking Combinations for Krav Magakrav maga striking combinations

What is a striking combination? 

A striking combination also known as a combo – is typically a combination of strikes which is made up of both punches and kicks. A punching combo would be punches only, a kicking combo would be kicks only.

Krav Maga Striking Combinations

In Krav Maga we use our punches, kicks, headbutts, knees and elbows in our combinations. We also fight on the ground as well as stood up and we also train to throw what in sports would be called illegal strikes. These are strikes which are too dangerous to use in sports. Of course when we spar, we don’t use illegal strikes as they are too damaging to the student, however we do drill them during our training.

During our combinations we also use and incorporate throws, takedowns, trips, scenario training, multiple opponents, submissions, control and restraining techniques and weapons.

However, this article aims to focus on the striking side of our training and so here are some of our favourite striking combinations:

  1. Jab, Cross, Hook, Roundhouse

This is one of the first combinations you will learn at the club. It is a great way to learn how to begin to piece together power combinations and gets you adding kicks as well so you are mixing up multiple angles of attack with different tools. This is a great combo that you can use for a multitude of attacks, even the kick alone can be aimed at the calf, the knee, the body or the head. Against a seasoned fighter the leg kick is a fundamental tool. Against the novice or unprepared fighter, the leg kick takes away someones power, confuses their brain and hurts like hell if you aren’t conditioned for it. In fact I’ve seen a UFC championship won on leg kicks and even seen 2 guys get their femurs broken with a solid low roundhouse.

  2)  Jab – Cross – Lead Hook – Lead Uppercut – Cross – Switch Lead Roundhouse Kick 

This is a solid combination that attacks from multiple angles. Start off with a solid jab and a cross. Make sure to keep your hands up. Take time to practice this and start off slowly making sure to get your tecchnique correct. Then next comes a hard lead hook followed on the same side with a lead uppercut. The lead hook, especially if its a hard one, will lay the foundation for the lead uppercut. Follow that with a hard right cross. And if they manage to cover up or move back by this point you’ll be in the perfect position to land a hard left roundhouse, so aim it at the body which will be exposed by now.

 3) Right Cross – Lead Elbow – Rear Hook – Right Elbow 

This is a really strong and solid combination that you will find not only in Krav Maga but also in MMA and Muay Thai.

Train it like you would any technique, work the pads, train it with your partner, train it on the heavy bag and the double end ball and you’ll have a solid striking combination that delievers some brutal power shots. If one or more of these connect well you have a good chance of ending the fight then and there.

     4) Jab – Cross – Left Hook – Left Elbow – Knee  

Another basic combination but take some time to both learn and master this one. Start off with the jab and the cross again. Then we’re going to double up with a left hook and then a left elbow. Make sure the sequence is quick and snappy. don’t wait to long in between shots or they will counter or clinch you.

After you throw the left elbow finish with a strong knee to the midsection. If they shoot under the hook you might be lucky and catch them with a knee to the face on the way down.

 5) Lead kick to the body – Cross – Lead Hook – Cross – Lead Kick to the Body

This combination both starts and finishes with the body kick.

Start by throwing the lead kick to the body,  then in case your opponent has dropped his hands to deal with the kick, or if he is looking to counter off the back of it, follow up with a strong cross – lead hook – cross combination.

The cross – lead hook – cross combination or a 232 as it is also called is a solid combo for any fighter.

After that last cross, if they have covered up, follow through with another lead roundhouse kick to the body.

Some of these might seem difficult at first, but train them, drill them and eventually you will master them.

For full effect combine these combinations with some physical conditioning , a solid nutrition plan and a club where you can train under a professional and experienced instructor and you will have a good game plan.