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Grappling is a full contact combat sport which is based on throws, sweeps, submissions and ground fighting.

Grappling does not include the use of striking or weapons which is why we train using Combat Grappling.

Combat Grappling differs from Sport Grappling and has a different approach to the sport grappler.

The aim for self defence is typically to make space and get back to your feet before you can be attacked by a 3rd party or before a weapon becomes involved. There will be many overlapping techniques used in sport grappling such as BJJ as we use in Combat Grappling but in Combat Grappling we often look to use hard takedowns with the intention of disabling an opponent or to set up a quick bone break or choke which can quickly end the fight.

It is often said that many fights go to the ground, but research has shown that all fights start standing up, and 100% of fights involve punches whether this is standing up or on the ground and so in Combat Grappling we train not only how to use strikes to end a fight ourselves but also how to defend against them.

Grappling Techniques

Clinching: used to set up or defend against throws or takedowns, we also use Muay Thai clinching under our Muay Thai syllabus with Kru Jim Halton.

Takedowns: used to counter or control aggressive opponents who are outstriking you or to control and restrain someone should the situation dictate.

Sprawling: A sprawl is a defensive technique used to counter a takedown attempt.

Submissions: Typically there are two main submissions: chokes which are used to strangle or suffocate someone and locks which are used to cause injury to a body part such as hyperextending or breaking a joint.

Controlling techniques: used to pin an opponent to allow you to strike whilst stopping their ability, or to hold them in position to prevent an escape.

Escapes: Essentially the ability to change from a weak position such as underneath a mounted attacker to a stronger one eg on top of an attacker. Or escaping from a submision choke or lock.