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Personal Training is available with lead instructor Jim Halton. Bespoke programming by 17 year experienced coach in the sports industry, 20+ years in Martial arts.

Jim has been teaching and training in Bristol for 20 years, a wealth of experience and knowledge in both the fitness and martial arts industry as well has having competed in MMA and Kickboxing Jim is also a black belt martial artist and a licensed bodyguard bringing many skills to the table.

“Having trained thousands of people in Bristol I have built a reputation for no frills no nonsense training. I love old school conditioning and welcome the opportunity to work with both new and experienced trainers. There is very little that I haven’t trained in over the last 20 years and will always do my best to give you the best training which is right for you! Get in touch if you would like to begin!” – Jim

Available facilities include:

▪️ Kettlebells
▪️ TRX
▪️ Spin bike
▪️ Dumbells
▪️ Clubbells
▪️ Paralettes
▪️ Battleropes
▪️ Resistance bands
▪️ Hyperextension machine
▪️ Medicine balls
▪️ Sandbags
▪️ Heavy bag
▪️ Kick shields
▪️ Focus pads
▪️ Thai pads
(and more)

🌞 20 square metre custom built dojo fully matted highest quality 40mm mats
🌞 Private garden (if it’s sunny)

Costs for personal training are £40/hr if paid for individually or £35/hr if paid for in blocks of 5

Call me to book in for a session! 07813347795

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