Boxing Workouts

Here are some of the boxing workouts which we recommend to our members at the club if they wish to do extra training outside of class.

Boxing Workout #1 

10 x 1 minute rounds of power punching on the heavy bag. 60 seconds on 60 seconds off. But this isnt a tap and move skill workout, to feel the benefits from this you have to hit full power full speed, no gaps, breaks or hesitation, just continual non stop 100% smash-the-bag. Have 60 seconds rest between rounds.

Boxing Workout #2

Round one, you’re going to go jab for jab with your partner. Use this as a chance to practice slipping, parrying, timing, distance and movement.

Round two, firing the basic 1 – 2 combo at each other, make sure to respect that cross, keep your hands up and your chin down!

Round three, add in the lead hook for a 3 punch combination. By now if you are confident you should be going full power and also working in laybacks and weaving.

Round four, add a cross onto the end for a solid 4 punch combination. Go back and forth so you both get to train!

Round five, open spar! Throw it all together and fight!

Boxing Workout #3 

30 seconds burpees 30 seconds heavy bag striking. repeat for a total of 3 minutes. 60 seconds rest. 4 to 6 rounds.

Boxing Workout #4

Start this one on the heavy Bag:
3 x 3-minute rounds on heavy bag

Then onto speed work:
3 x 3-minute round on speed bag

3 x 3 minute rounds for time (do as many sets as possible) of:

  • 5 press ups
  • 10 sit ups
  • 15 squats

And then to add a Finisher do x200 situps

Boxing Workout #5

This one all done in 3 minute rounds. Start the round off with 3 x 30 seconds sets of:


Jump Squats


And then finish the remaining 90 seconds of the round with sparring, heavy bag work or shadowboxing