Top 5 Kettlebell Workouts for Krav Magakettlebell classes bristol

Here at the Krav Maga Bristol Titans we understand that to be a fully functional fighter you will also need a base level of strength, stamina and endurance. Here are some of the Krav Maga workouts using Kettlebells that we recommend students use at home.

Kettlebell Workouts # 1

60 seconds shadow striking

30 seconds swings

60 seconds shadowstriking

30 seconds Around the Worlds

Repeat for x5 rounds, no rest.

Kettlebell Workouts # 2

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

3 front squats

2 cleans

1 press

Use double kettlebells for this one, and do as many reps as you can in 15 minutes!

Kettlebell Workouts #3 

100 swings

Run 1 mile

100 swings

*Bonus – every time you have to put the kettlebell down, do x10 pressups before resting

Kettlebell Workouts # 4

AMRAP of Clean and Press

16 minutes. Record your result and next time, beat it!

Kettlebell Workouts # 5 

Round 1: 5 minutes shadowstriking

Round 2: 5 minutes Clean and Press

Round 3: 5 minutes ground and pound

Round 4: 5 minutes Turkish Get Ups

Round 5: 5 minutes Farmers Carry

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