Christmas Workout Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas everyone, thought I would post up a quick Christmas workout to blow out those

  • 5 clapping Pressups
  • 20 high knees
  • 10 Burpees
  • 30 mountain climbers
    = 1 round

60 seconds rest between rounds
8 rounds total

Have fun!!

Too Easy?

If you want to make this harder then you can use it as a finisher to another workout. For example, when I did this one on Boxing Day I started first with a strength workout, then did the above workout, then a hundred burpees for time and followed with some yoga and then firmly proceeded to smash in some more Quality Street 😀

More Workouts

We have tons more workouts on here, if you are a member then head to our Krav Maga MMA Combat Training or if you are not a member then we still have lots of workouts that you can use one of our Krav Maga workouts , Boxing workouts or MMA Workouts.
Have a great Christmas everyone hope you are still enjoying yourselves. Its been an unusual one to say the least, but for now lets count our blessings and brace for as much training in 2021 as we are legally allowed 😀
Yuletide Greetings – Jim