Martial Arts Tips

Here are Eight Things You Need to Do to Become a Successful Martial Arts Practitioner….

If you want to improve your Krav Maga or Martial arts training here are eight things you can do to improve your game…

1. Set your goals

Write them somewhere you can see them, do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be fighting fit? Do you want to master a martial art? Do you want to be confident, driven and goal orientated? Decide what your ultimate goal is and then take steps to making it happen.

2. Develop a deep, driving desire…

…to learn a valuable self defence skill or martial art and to improve your fitness. Remind yourself why you are doing this. Do you want to be able to protect your family if you had to? Do you want the long term health benefits? Constantly remind yourself why you are doing this.

3. After each lesson make brief notes and practice what you have learnt.

It doesn’t have to be a workout, just take 10 minutes to run through any new movements or take time to work on your weak areas that need improvement.

4. Review everything you have learnt each month.

All skills are perishable so if you haven’t trained knife defence for a while or its been a few weeks since you last did any groundfighting then once a month take an hour (or ten minutes) to run through everything that you have learnt. Ideally with a partner but even if you are on your own you can still run through the most basic of movements, think of it as shadow boxing but against a variety of threats instead of just punching.

5. Try to practice your martial arts daily

Even if only for 10 minutes a day, on top of your training this will significantly help you to achieve your goals. This is a great approach to training, if you want stronger kicks, just set your goal to do ten minutes of kicks a day for a month I guarantee you even after a couple of weeks you will start to see improvements. Also by setting small goals such as this you often start momentum going. Momentum works both ways mind, you sit on the sofa for ten minutes then it becomes 2 hours. Or you start off with ten minutes of training and then once momentum gets going, you end up training for longer. I love this mindset and use it every day. Momentum.

6. Speak to your instructor…

find out what areas are your weakest and what areas are your strongest. If your coach knows that you are committed to becoming the best martial artist you can be they will always gladly help guide you. All of my guys know that I am completely committed to the club and helping them in their growth as a martial artist. Everyone at the club has my personal number and can contact me at any time with any questions. I am always glad to help guide!

7. Review each sparring session

Whether it is stand up striking, Mixed Martial Arts, pressure testing against multiple opponents, edged weapons attacks or if you have been working on the ground. These live testings will be one of the best ways to see how you react under pressure and to see what errors you are making. Remember under pressure ALL SKILL DIMINISHES. We do not rise to the level of our hopes but we fall to the level of our training. See what mistakes you make and train to avoid making them next time.

8. Don’t give up

To quote Michael Jordan who is widely considered one of the best basketball players to have ever lived:

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”