So we have great news as we are now allowed to re-open to new members!

Please bear with us as we try to contact everyone who has contacted us during the various lockdowns. We have many members still at the club and one of my priorities is to ensure that their training remains unaffected and first class and well within the government restrictions.

Changes to the club: 

There have been a few changes made to the club both during and because of the lockdown.

We are now running a 4th permanent night at the club – this wont change. I’m intending to keep the club smaller than before with a maximum limit on class sizes. This alongside our new booking system means that we are:

  1. Able to better plan classes, we know exactly who is coming in on what nights and can arrange training to better suit the needs of the group.
  2. More coaching time – smaller classes mean I can spend more time with everyone.
  3. Reminder texts – once you have booked your session(s) for the week you will receive a reminder text and email on the day – we found this works very well for our members.

New Equipment!

Part of our return we want to ensure that we maintain the best standards for our members, not only in training and in our venue but also with our equipment. As such we have bought new MMA mats for grappling and new Tombstone Pads. This is alongside our already large list of equipment such as:

  • focus pads
  • thai pads
  • kick shields
  • body armour
  • training weapons
  • sandbags
  • medicine balls
  • kettlebells
  • punchbags