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Diversity, equality & inclusion statement

Mission Statement The Bristol Titans Krav Maga Academy is committed to making martial arts accessible and open to everyone who wishes to be involved in the martial arts. We, as a club, recognise the importance of, and are committed to equity, diversity, equal opportunities, fair treatment and respect to all involved and employed in our […]

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Sprint interval training for MMA

How to boost your cardio for mma combat sports Cardio is an essential aspect of training in the martial arts. With an increased capacity of your heart and lungs our Sprint interval training for MMA program not only allows you to fight hard but it also allows you to train harder for longer. 

Neck Training

Neck Training As someone who coaches combat sports and hand to hand combat training I believe that everyone should train their neck. Strong necks are essential when training in any full contact system not only combat orientated but also sports such as rugby would do well to train this often neglected muscle group. 

Training With an Injury

Training with and around Injuries in the martial arts  If you train in a combat sport or full contact martial arts system then you will no doubt be accustomed to injuries. Taking knocks is a part and parcel of all contact martial arts such as Krav Maga, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, BJJ and other martial arts. […]